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Results of New Deal

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Results of New Deal
As Roosevelt came into office he was mostly known for his “first hundred days”, in which he met with congress everyday for a hundred days. During these days congress passed every bill the Roosevelt had proposed, and this was incorporated within the advisement of the New Deal. Franklin wasted no time in beginning his New Deal, his first plan of action consisted of the Emergency Banking Act, an act that closed all banks until they could be supervised by the treasury to ensure a regulated and straightforward banking system. This gave the opportunity for the average American to give trust into the banking system and overall eventually boosted the economy. This plan by Roosevelt was a pro to the New Deal with almost no cons to it. Then shortly after Roosevelt passed the Economy Act that saved over five hundred million dollars but cut veterans benefits by fifteen percent. I believe this helped the economy, but it was a total weakness in the New Deal because it hurt the veterans terribly. Then later the congress overrides FDR’s veto, and passes the Bonus Bill which gave the veteran’s a cash. Another huge benefit that was meant to cure the Depression was the Works Project Administration or the “WPA”. This portion was a huge strength because it only hired single women, or women with disabled women, thus giving women the opportunity for employment to help the U.S. get out this depression. The only problem with the WPA was that is ran locally, with racism still brewing in the South, many eligible African American females were turned down, or forced to work in tough manual labor positions such as toeing tobacco or even picking cotton. Another policy of the New Deal focused on relieving the United States out of depression was Farm Security Act, which was produced in the first hundred days. This act allowed farmers to increase their prices on goods by limiting the number of goods they could sell. This act was a double edged sword on the impact on the...


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