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The Choice of Abortion

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The choice of abortion
A couple, who were both 20, were in college when they found out they were pregnant. Now this was a definite unplanned pregnancy and they had a tough choice to make. Do they keep the baby and sacrifice the woman’s education or do they have an abortion? They chose to keep the baby and 9 months later their baby girl was born. Now why is that decision so important? Because if they had chosen abortion I would not be here today…
While on my search for this truth I have realized that I would prefer it to be that education is more important and that I could make that choice to sacrifice my child to make it through college and medical school. College is a very important part of life in my opinion and I don’t think I could finish college or medical school while trying to take care of a baby. But I don’t think I could make that choice. This makes me think that maybe I realized how hard it would be to actually make the choice so I chose to accept the truth I liked more instead of thinking it all through. Just like in Memento where Leonard, who lost his short term memory after his wife was raped and he was attacked, didn’t want to accept the real truth that Teddy told him, that his wife was dead, so he changed the truth for himself. Teddy says to Leonard, “You don’t want the truth. You make up your own truth.”, and Leonard responds, “We all lie to ourselves to be happy”. Or in In the Lake of the Woods when Kathy goes missing and John doesn’t want to accept what might have really happened so he changes the truth in his mind. He avoids thinking into Kathy’s disappearance too much and just accepts the truth he wants instead of facing the issue. There are many examples in the things we have read that have made me realize that sometimes our own mind doesn’t even let itself think something. We don’t think about certain things just to protect ourselves from the real truth that we are too afraid to realize.
As of right now though I have changed my truth....


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