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How Does Steinbeck Portays Curley's Wife?

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*Carla Bouquet 3ème*7
*This is an extract taken from the book “HEROES” written by a famous author named Robert Cormier. It is located* at the beginning of the book, chapter 2, just after the return of Francis Cassavant, the protagonist, in Frenchtown, after the war had end. It is the first flashback in the novel, the author is describing the first meeting of Francis and a young girl named Nicole Renard, she is going to play a very important role in the destiny of the boy. The scene is taking place at school where a new student is coming in the class, Nicole, as soon as Francis met her eyes completely fall in love. Cormier give us a description of the girl and explain the “love at first sight” that the protagonist is having for her. We then learn about the first step of Nicole in Francis’s life and in their relationship. The author *m*entions the friendship that is growing between the young girl and Marie Lacroix, another girl of the class. Cormier used different metaphors, similes, hyperboles…and other types of techniques for that the readers can understand that the relationship between the two adolescent is going to be vital, and play a big role in the story of the novel. How does the author introduce Francis’s love for Nicole and how does he prepare the reader for the further episodes of that love story? This is the subject that is going to be analyze with the extract chosen.
Robert Cormier use different types of techniques to make the flashback an important moment in the novel. As for example hyperbole, which explain the adoration that Francis is having for the girl he admires and loves. “The most beautiful girl I have ever seen” (pg 9, par. 3), this sentence is used the first time Francis met the eyes of Nicole Renard. This show us that the young boy is probably going to fall in love and that she is going to play an important role in the destiny of Francis and in the further episodes of the novel as the reader is having the...


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