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Personal Idenity

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Personal Identity

The thing that I can think of best describes my personal identity is basketball. Basketball can be played inside or outside in the hot or cold during the day time or at night. Basketball has been around for many many years and is now played by everyone around the world. And now it is a sport that brings different cultures together. The author Joel L. Swerdlow wrote an essay entitled “Changing America” and in this essay he tells how students from many different cultures and backgrounds are in high school. This high school is named J. E. B. Stuart High School which is located in Virginia. Now many years later most of the student body at J. E. B. Stuart are kids from all over the world.     The reason I choose basketball as a personal identity Swerdlow is telling how different students try to get along with other students while trying to keep their own identity. Basketball ties into this because now of days everyone is playing from Whites, Blacks, Asians, Europeans, to Russians and they all have to try and get along with one another also while they keep there own identity. Swerdlow also talks how a lot of the students come to America so they can live their dream which we know it as the “American Dream”, but once they come they realize all the struggles that come with those dreams. Just like basketball people come from all over to live their dream which is to play basketball in the NBA and that also comes with lots of struggles. Basketball and Swerdlow's essay both have lots of similar struggles when they came to America and went to J. E. B. Stuart they had to learn English which they taught English as a second language, when basketball player come to America they also must learn English as their second language so they can interact with the players on their team.

My personal identity was based on my athletic ability and that why I have chosen basketball because to play you have to be very athletic. I have been playing basketball since I was...


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