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How Safe Are Tattoos

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How safe are Tattoos?
Tattoos are not safe to get. If you have a tattoo or planned on getting a tattoo, have you ever stopped and thought about if the tattoo your getting is safe? Have the thought cross your mind that the needle the artist is using may not be clean, or the ink may be old or have blood in it? Do we always ask questions to reassure the tattoo is safe? Do we ever stop to think that we could catch hepatitis b, or HIV from getting a tattoo? No, well I know I haven't and like me, most people don't. In this paper, I am going to define why I don't believe tattoos are safe to get.
Now and days almost everybody has a tattoo. Some people get tattoos to express themselves , or to show their personality. Before getting a tattoo read about risk and other side affects that comes with it. Tattoos used to be done manually, now the artist has a hand held machine, that has a needle attached to it, he or she then inject the ink into the dermis (second deep layer of your skin). Dermis cells are very stable , and that what makes the tattoo permanent. Before getting a tattoo we never really think about all the risks that comes with it. Infections are one of the risk that comes with a tattoo, a dirty needle can give you a infection like hepatitis or HIV. Allergies to the ink has been reported and can also cause problems. Unwanted scar tissue can form after getting a tattoo or getting one removed. Granulomas may also form around the tattoo, which are small knots or bumps. Lastly, you may have MRI complications, people may have burning or swelling in the tattoo when they have magnetic resonance imaging.
To determine if the tattoo you are getting is safe, you should do the following: make sure your shots are up to date far as our hepatitis and tetanus shots. It is very important to make sure the tattoo parlor is clean and the equipment used is disposable. Make sure the parlor has a auto clave, a device that's used for heat,steam and pressure for sterilization. Make...


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