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Howard Hughes

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Howard Hughes
By the time he was 33 years old hughes had a fortune that was about sixty million dollars. The majority of his money came from his fathers tool company but also his aircraft company and his movies contributed to his growing fortune. By the time the second world war had came around hughes was a force to be reckoned with in the plane industry. Hughes got two contracts from the government one for 18 million and then another for 22 million to produce fighter planes along with his huge plane the Hercules. Although he didn’t finish by the end of the war hughes still spent his own money to build the Hercules.
Hughes started buying stalk in twa and eventually owned up to 78% of the company. He then wanted to expand the company and start flights to Europe and that’s when all the scandal started. Hughes was slapped with a charge of corruptly obtaining his government contracts during the war and was taken to trial.
The public scrutiny tore howard apart. His life was nothing like it used to be. But he was determined to clear his name. he brought in front of the jury that the senator who had brought forth these allegations had been being paid by pan am because they wanted a monopoly on the flights to Europe and to try and eventually buy out howard. But howard eventually won his trial showing he wouldn’t go down with out a fight.
Howard never had children although he had a lot of lovers. But during the 1950’s his short term girlfriend rita Hayworth became pregnant with his would be child but she was in middle of a movie at the time and the director made her get an abortion so that it would not ruin the filming of the movie and her acting role in his movie.
Hughes lived off of his wealth the last decade or two of his life. Not causing much of a stir but just trying to fight off his paranoia and obsessive compulsive disorder. The disorders that have run his entire life were now the last things he had to worry about in his days. The disorders eventually...


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