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Hugh Steffy

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Today, we learned about a famous man named Hugh Steffy.   A man who participated in battles and one of the largest wars in the world.   He went in a concentration camp in Germany called Buchenwald.   This was not an ordinary camp, but a infiltration camp in Germany.   He had to sleep through many days of gunfire.   Hugh had to sleep in fear of being killed as a variety of missiles passed by his head.   Steffy stated "You can't fight war without hate."   Even if you're not the culprit of the war, he believes we cannot fight the war without the hate for the enemy that you are fighting.   You need to have some type of killer instinct to attack the other person.

During the war, most of the soldiers were highly segregated.   Hugh only saw two black men in his platoon and this occurred when they stopped the segregation.   Hugh has been through hard times in the war.   The soldiers were so tense that they drank beer and smoked cigarettes to calm them down.   Cigarettes cost 50 cents back then.

Outside the war, Hugh Steffy had an interesting life too.   He had to go to battle but missed his bus.   Thus, he had to go on some other type of transportation.   He met a women and they argued for many hours until he made it to his destination.   They later married.   This is how he became a husband.   Hugh Steffy is just an ordinary person in the world war, but he has accomplished enough that everyone can learn from him.


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