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Greek V.S. Modern Times

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The Greek beliefs of Gods are different from the modern day beliefs of other religions such as Judaism, Christianity, etc. In the Odyssey, throughout the whole epic poem, Homer mentions a variety of different Gods. For example, there is a scene close to the beginning of the book containing a conversation among the Gods. The goddess Athena, goddess of war and wisdom, is discussing the matter of Odysseus with Zeus, the head god and the god of the sky. As you can tell, the Greeks believed in many gods unlike the people of the Christian faith, who believe in one god.
Early Greek religion is a mix of the Achaean, Dorian, Minoan, Egyptian, and Asian cultures. According to Greek mythology, Gods are assigned human form, they are immortal, and they are worshiped for their unique powers. Different Gods would bring you different rewards in life, if you worshiped them, and did as they pleased. They would be able to control everything. For example, Poseidon can control anything that goes on in the sea, because he is the lord of the waters. In Christianity, we worship one God, and he can have all of these characteristics that all of the Greek Gods have. Except, he doesn’t show himself and he represented everything.
As you can see, the beliefs in the Greek times differed a lot from modern day religion. Now days, It’s hard to grasp a concept like, “Apollo is going to grant us great music abilities because he is the God of music, light, and poetry.” Also, Greeks believed that sacrifice was the appropriate method to worship the Gods. The formula was “do ut des” which means, I will give sacrifices so that God will reward me in return. They sacrificed everything they had at some times, to have certain victories, personal fulfillment of goals, and wishes. If you think about it, in Christianity, didn’t Jesus sacrifice for us? He is the one that we worship, and he got nailed to the cross so that everyone on earth would have the opportunity to go to heaven. These ways of life have...


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