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The Human Genome Project

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last monday, i went to the bjwildlifepark saw that the chimpanzee act pretty much like human. this is because Our DNA is almost identical with chimpanzee DNA. It is only about 2 percent different. Nowadays people probably aren't surprised that we share our genes with monkeys. But it turns out that we share about 50 percent of our genes with a tiny little round worm.can you believe that presumably a billion years ago   we had a common ancestor with the worms.if we know the genes of all the species we can reveal the secrets of the evolve.

...the easiest way and most powerful way to see this grand unity of life is to read the DNA code. It is a three billion letter text.

If we printed out DNA sequence and put it in a book, you'd turn the pages and what you would see would be a funny language where there are only four letters in the alphabet, A, C, G, and T. Which are the four bases as we call it of DNA.

and yet in them, those those strings, in exactly the order of the letters, lies all of the fundamental secrets, lies all the instructions that our bodies use to build themselves from a single fertilized egg, the whole thing, the whole Taj Mahal of our bodies.

what we have when we want to analyze a genome is a huge problem.

The human genome project is an international, multi-component effort to read out the instruction book for human biology that is our genome, all of the DNA--and to understand what it's telling us...


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