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Cry the Beloved Country

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ESSAY of cry the beloved country
Apartheid is a system policy where people of different races are forced to live apart and are treated unequally. Under apartheid many races were separated into different region s like South Africa. In South Africa apartheid started in 1948 and 1994, however apartheid was set in place long before 1948. In South Africa apartheid were controlled by white government; however the majority of the race was blacks. Under the rule of apartheid whites had all the power, best land of country, jobs, money and blacks had only luck (hope) to live because there were few pis of land foe millions of blacks, blacks were too poor to have big house for big family. This system ended in 1994 but still apartheid is part of South Africa.
To me apartheid seems natural and it cues of poverty. Black people were so poor that they didn’t have enough land to live, no food to find there family. No enough land for farming, so that they work on white man’s farms but from there they didn’t get much money to fid huge family. For a good life and for the food they immigrate to big city like Johannesburg but already there are thousands of helpless people who were looking for jobs. But only few people who get jobs. And jobs were labor work like working in min. and people who ran out money or didn’t have jobs they join the gang or turn in to criminal. For the food they break in to house and still there cloths, money jewelry and slowly they turn in to killer and etc…and from here white people didn’t feel secure for their self and family and that’s how apartheid began and from here whites have their own are and black had their own area to live but it get worst and worst in pharthid system. Basically apartheid was mad for safe and secure area for whites but it’s not true it worst then before.
Shila Gordon and Alan Paton are two South African writers whose novels waiting for the Rain and Cry, the Beloved country- help us understand how apartheid was sustained by a...


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