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What Does It Mean to Live in Uae

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What does it mean to you to live in UAE?
There was   once a time when an old man lived. This man, of great wisdom and of generosity earned from life, was strolling steadily in a desert, when suddenly without further notice; he got struck by nostalgia to the very pit of his stomach.   He looked down at his legs to see that he was in the middle of a vast desert, unknowingly. He knelt down to remember the past, to relive it and feel it all over again, as if he were actually in those merry times. He felt the soft particles of the sand as they ran off his soft wrinkly palm. He took a small pile of what seemed to him like gold, raised it closer to his face, and all of a sudden, he finds that the tiny soft and gentle particles are turning into pearls. By that, he knew what was going on; he was truly drifting back into his past, into the time where people knew the real value of hard work, brotherhood and trustworthiness. Slowly, minute by minute after his silent flashbacks took over his weary mind, he peacefully fell asleep…
Watching how life was in my past made my heart beat at its hastiest pace of all the happiness my brothers and I lived in, of how His Highness Sheikh Zayed was able of growing out a green heaven from this dusty brown and yellow desert; how he was able of building out concrete skyscrapers from what were only small houses made of the most brittle of substances. He made our country; my country, a country that unconditionally grasps the attention of people from all over the world, a country that no one could ever deny living in, no matter what cost they must pay for it! To me, living in the UAE is the most honorable thing that could have ever happened in my life. This piece of land is just like a pearl; priceless, precious, protective. This pearl, this home, it’s what I honestly call safety and security.
Sheikh Zayed once said "Development is the responsibility of every citizen."He believed in the development of every aspect in life, which eventually led...


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