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Rome and the United States

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Ancient Rome fell due to many problems within the Empire after the Pax Romana. Today, the United States faces problems that are fairly similar to the problems that occurred in Rome before it fell. Some of these problems were corruption, government overspending, and unemployment.
Corruption was a big problem to Ancient Rome and a problem today in the United States. Ancient Rome was corrupt in the way that their emperors ruled. Many emperors felt that they were superior to others and the Roman senate lacked to provide social reforms. There was also corruption in the amount of bribery that took place in the senate. A similar problem exists in the United States. An example of this is that, Senator Ben Nelson is accused of selling his vote for the Health Bill.   When the Health Bill was first introduced, Senator Ben Nelson was against it and claimed he would not vote for it. But after heavy pressure from the federal government and a bribe that they would give a hundred million dollars to the state of Nebraska, Senator Nelson supported the Health Bill. His vote gave the Democrats the sixty votes they needed to pass the bill. Another problem in both Rome and the United states was government overspending. Rome faced overspending in its military. They needed to defend the Empires borders from Barbarian attacks. Many Romans lost their interest in joining the Roman army, therefore, the Empire was forced to hire mercenaries.   They also had overspending in that they had bread and circuses for the poor. The roman government was buying bread and providing free shows and did not have enough money to pay it off. The United States faces overspending in its stimulus bill. The stimulus bill has cost the federal government $787 billion and it is questioned for the sake of just spending money. The so-called Stimulus package is wasteful spending and will not help the economy, for it leads to more taxes which results in less spending. The expensive stimulus package has also increased our...


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