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Japan vs. United States

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Japan had a goal of making an empire called the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.   This empire would serve the economic needs of Japan.   This huge empire would stretch from Manchuria in the north to Australia in the south.   It was similar to Hitler's dream of Europe filled with the Aryan race.   To start this plan, Japan took over China's northeastern province, Manchuria.  

The war between China and Japan went on for three years.   Japan's supply of oil, iron, rubber, and tin were low.   The only way they could continue a war with China was if they attacked Southeast Asia and take over the rich supplies of resources that lay there.   This plan for resources threatened the American controlled Philippine islands.   Thus, United States figured it would be best to arrange a total embargo.   In July 1941, President Roosevelt ordered the stoppage of scrap iron and oil to Japan.   The embargo angered many Japanese leaders that later demanded a war with the United States.   The Japanese also noted the US weakness in military power and thought it would be a perfect time to attack.

In December 1941, a Japanese fleet attacked Pearl Harbor.   United States figured out that the bombing would occur; however, they never knew it would come at Hawaii.   Franklin Roosevelt knew about the bombing but could not do anything since he did not know where it would occur.   Even if he did, the soldiers were not equipped yet for a war.   He also wanted to honor the Neutrality Act by declining to go in the war unless it hurt U.S. soil.   The bombing allowed Japan to proceed with their goal.   Now they were able to take over the Philippines and other undefended islands while United States had to prepare for war.  


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