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Euphemism is a kind of variation of language and is also the art of using language. The proper use of euphemism in business language can diminish conflict, establish harmonious interpersonal relationship´╝îhelp promote the sale of goods and get more profit. So it is very important to study euphemism in business language. However, according to my knowledge, most of the study is on the function and translation of euphemism used in business English; study on the application of euphemism is little.
This thesis is to discuss euphemism in five chapters.
Chapter one talks about the definition of euphemism in narrow and broad sense.
Chapter two discussed the wide use of euphemism in business English: mainly in the address of some occupations, in business letters and negotiations.
Chapter three focuses on the purpose of using euphemism, mainly to satisfy the customers and get more profit.
Chapter four is the most important part; it mainly studies the device of euphemism in business English. Here, the attention is paid to the employment of passive voice, subjective mood, understatement, indirect expressions and the substitute.
Chapter five discusses the factors that we should pay attention to when using euphemism: the context and cultural background.

Chapter 1   Euphemism and Euphemism in Business English
Business English is widely used in international trade and the euphemism is more and more frequently used in business English. In order to use euphemism properly, we should know what is euphemism first.

1.1 Definition of Euphemism
Euphemism is a Latin word, the prefix eu means good, pleasant and well, and the root pheme means saying and speech. So the whole word means good or pleasant speech, or comfortable words. That is the substitute of an agreeable expression for another that may suggest something...


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