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Fisherman Spends More Than 80 Days Without Catching a Fish

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Fisherman spends more than 80 days without catching a fish!

A very unlucky man goes fishing every morning and comes back with an empty skiff.

Havana, Cuba – Every morning, Santiago arranges his skiff and goes to the sea with his hopes up, but then comes back with an empty skiff.

Jack Cohen, another fisherman said “I’ve never seen such an unlucky man. I don’t think he’d ever gotten a fish in his entire life, I don’t know why he keeps with this occupation”. According to Santiago he used to be a very good fisherman but nowadays he has been really unlucky.

Even with that big lack of luck, he has an admirer, Manolin. He is a young boy and loves to go fishing with Santiago, but after spending so many days without getting a fish, his father banned him to go fishing with the bad fisherman and told him to go fishing with a good one.

“I had to stop fishing with him, but I would never leave him alone. He is a good man on bad days. I go to his shack every night to bring him supper and wish him good luck on his next fishery.” Said Manolin.

But on the 85th day, Santiago hooks a giant marlin. The fish was bigger than his skiff, so he had to keep it outside the boat holding the rope. Through time, other fish started to eat the marlin. Santiago tried to stop them, but there was many fish.

Santiago said “I’ve never fished such a big fish! At first I was really happy, but then, other fish started to eat my marlin and the skeleton was the only thing left. I wish the boy were with me, he would be very proud. But no one saw the fish, only his bones.” The old man landed really tired and came back home frustrated and went to sleep. When the old man wakes, there was the boy and they promise to fish together once again. Upon his return to sleep, Santiago dreams of his youth - of white lions on an African beach.


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