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Men and Women - Essay

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Are you male or female? Do you want to switch to? If you were the opposite sex, would you mind to change or to act in a different way? Nowadays, many people argue that men and women cannot be friends, because they think that men and women cannot share anything with each other and that their brains work differently. However in my opinion, they can be friends and share a lot even though they are members of the opposite sex.
The general conception about a man and a woman relationship that when a man sees a woman, he desires to make love with her. However, sex isn’t the most significant thing in thoughts of people. Although there can be physical attraction between opposite sexes, it is not a crucial issue for most. Individuals do not only see the physical, but can also appreciate other people’s thoughts and feelings. Moreover, there may be jealousy among the members of same sex, which doesn’t happen between a man and a woman, which makes it easier to be friends for men and women.
If women and men can wear the unisex clothes, they can share   a lot of interests, too. The society has taboos, such as a man is interested in football and a woman loves going shopping. Even if these supports were true, opposite sexes could share other interests such as listening to music or going out to eat dining. People’s interests cannot be defined according the sex. Rather they are shaped by individuals’ environment, school, friends or parents.
Naturally, there are many people who think that men and women cannot be friends. It has been claimed that their interests and concerns are different, thus they cannot share anything in common. Besides, in their opinion, traditional roles don’t allow friendship. However, their arguments are irrelevant. As I’ve said, people’s interests aren’t shaped by not only sex but also by their environment. Thus, they can find many interests to share. Today in many countries, mostly in underdeveloped countries, traditional or religious...


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