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Curfew Laws Are Unjust

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Ruth Stephenson-Tobin Learning mentor/Parent

On the June 18th our son graduated from on the principals honor role from High School with a very high GPA.   It was one of our proudest moments.   On June 30th he turned 18...
On July 1st he had to attend court at 8.30 am for . For breaking the curfew law, a misdemeanor   This incident happened in April when there was a “Curfew Sweep” as the officer stated, in the Point Loma area.   Our boy had been out with his friends to a concert they were all over 18 and his girlfriend was about to turn 18 in May.   They had our permission and we did not believe there was any crime committed.   They drove home and stopped off at the park three minutes from our home.   My son’s girlfriend dropped the others off and my son remained seated in the back seat of the car.   His girlfriend went quickly to use the bathroom and as she returned to the car they were apprehended by the police.   They begged to call home as my son knew I would be worried as he said he would be home in a few minutes.   The next disturbing call was an officer to say our child had been detained.   My husband went to collect him and was himself treated like a criminal and lectured by the police officer in charge.   He collected my son and was thrown a piece of paper with a court date.   We went to court and my son wished to plead not guilty.   We agreed.   Today the 1st of July we attended court and realized that it was a min trial.   I called the public defenders office and requested an attorney.   They told me to raise my hand when I went in the court and speak with the judge.   I did so but was told to put my hand down and be quiet!   The trial began with the judge aggressively speaking with my son and the officer who was the witness, was basically agreeing with what had happened.   I raised my hand and defended my son   and was told to shut up and screamed at by the court bailiff and told to shut up again, my son...


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