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Diabetes- Cause and Cure

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Diabetes is becoming havoc day by day, especially with the growth of the urbanization. What is diabetes and how it is caused? Diabetes is of many types, but broadly it can be subdivided into two types –

1) Diabetes type I
2) Diabetes type II

Firstly, we will see what’s diabetes type I and how it’s caused. Diabetes type I is an autoimmune disease mainly affecting people from their early life and persisting throughout the life. In this disease your body immune system, which is necessary for the protection of your body, in natural conditions, turns against your own body cells in the case of diabetes type I. In the case of diabetes type I our immune system use to act against our pancreatic beta cells, which are necessary for the production of the hormone, insulin, which is the major hormone controlling the glucose level in our body. There is no permanent cure for this disease and patient has to be on external insulin throughout their life. Researchers are focusing on the immune system of our body for some permanent cure of this disease. Other good news for the patient of this type is that few pharmaceutical companies have come up with nasal insulin, so that patient has not to take injection of insulin, which is not only painful to the patients, but also risky, because it can lead to wound formation which is difficult to heal in the patients of diabetes.

Now, we will turn our attention towards the major threat to the world population today, diabetes type II or diabetes mellitus. According to one estimate, diabetes type II affect 150 million people worldwide out of which 23.6 million people residing in United State alone. The number of people with this disorder, worldwide, is expected to be double by 2025. In the case of diabetes mellitus it’s very difficult to ascribe one reason for the cause of this disease. This is the reason it’s not called disease but syndrome, which means combination of symptoms of many diseases.
I will be discussing type II diabetes in...


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