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Pet Therapy Speech

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Pets are proven to be beneficial to overall health.
Pets can often amaze us.   Furthermore, science claims they are proven to help the disabled, the elderly and the mentally ill.   I myself have a mental health disability and my psychiatrist has written to my landlord a prescription for a therapy pet.  
Scientific studies inform us that pets can stimulate our emotional, physical and social well being.   “The Power of Pet Therapy” by Linda Feagler in the publication Senior Living, Avenues, in April 1995, states:   “they’ve been proven to reduce high blood pressure, relieve anxiety and promote longer lives. Is this prescription a magic pill or potion? Neither, says Dr. Susan Jones, professor of nursing at Kent State University. Just the power of pet therapy.”
Companionship, bonding and physical interactions with these creatures are evidently beneficial for the disabled, mentally ill and elderly.
There are many ways that pets can help the disabled.
The website, “4 paws for Ability,” made by Karen Shirk(who has a mobility disability) is designed to match people with specific disabilities with a service pet.   These include:
All service dogs and in-home companion dogs.
Hearing ear dogs and mobility dogs.
Autism and Epilepsy service dogs.
The website, “4 paws for Ability,” also trains dogs for children with disabilities.
They help children that have Fetal Alcohol spectrum disorder.
Short video about Adrian Brophy Autism Spectrum Bearded Dragon is presented.
Again, animals help people with physical illnesses of all ages and in many ways.
Not only can pets helped the physically ill, but they can improve the lives of the elderly.
Many people worry about the quality of life and health in their latter years.
Many elderly men and women live alone.
Perhaps their partner has died.
These widows and widowers need companionship
My grandmother owned a young dog until she died.
Activities with pets provide exercise for the elderly.
Pets love...


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