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Electroshock Therapy

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Electroshock therapy what is it?   How does it work?   What is it used for and what

comes from it?   This paper will answer all of these questions and will also try to prove that

electroshock therapy is useful and not as bad as it appears to be.

Electroshock therapy is an old process of ridding schizophrenia, and depression,

and suicidal tendencies.   It is used when people with major depression are taking too many

anti depressant drugs, can’t take the side-effects of their medication, or they are taking too

many drugs and anti-depressant drugs are too risky to take.   It is also used to irradiate

certain cases of schizophrenia and is being studied to treat dementia. (Mental Illness

Assessment and Treatment p.78).   Convulsive therapy using drugs rather than electricity

was introduced in 1934 by Hungarian neuropsychiatrist   Ladisles meduna , who speculated

that seizures (similar to the ones occurring in epilepsy) could probably alleviate mental

disorders.   He based his theory on the belief that epileptic seizures prevented the

symptoms of schizophrenia.   Although this was a good theory, the drugs administered to

the patients to induce these seizures was too risky to the patients lives.   In 1937

psychiatrists started using electric shocks to induce seizures.   In 1939 ECT was in wide

use in the United States.   In those days ECT was unrefined and resulted in many

complications and was terribly abused.   Today ECT is more refined, safe, and effective

(Mental Illness Assessment and Treatment p.78).

How does it work?   Electroshock therapy or ECT involves exposing the brain to

carefully controlled pulses of electric current that induce brief...


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