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I am a regular camper and frequently go to a most secluded place near a river where I have over a year or so set up a reasonably comfortable camp site. I need a 4wd to get to this place and to my knowledge nobody else has visited my site. From the time I arrive till the time I leave I am naked except for when it gets cold at night and even then I can sit comfortably by a campfire naked with a blanket around my shoulders. I have a tent and a comfortable inflatable double mattress to sleep in and no problems from biting insects. A few nocturnal animals will visit at night and I often hear them rummaging around my kitchen utensils. My food is safely stored in my gas fridge and back of my vehicle.
I occasionally take a girl friend but she has difficulty getting the time off her job to spend with me over 3 or 4 days at a time.
On this occasion I was laying in the sun drying off after a swim in the river and I was gently playing with my cock.
I must have dozed off and then something woke me. I opened my eyes to see two girls standing over me with big backpacks on their back. They were looking down at me lying naked. I was a little startled as I had never seen another sole anywhere near my camp before and being girls I was a little embarrassed being seen naked by strangers.
I said sorry I wasn't expecting visitors I will slip a pair of shorts on.
They said don't worry if we can we would like to clean up as we have been walking all morning and we are lost. Would you mind if we camped here the night, you have a lovely spot.
I said that would be fine, not because I wanted them to, I was a bit ashamed to say no seeing that I had the entire valley to myself.
They said if you don't mind we can set up our tent over here and indicated a spot a few metres away from my camp.
I said fine. I went to get some pants on and they said don't worry we will be swimming in the nude ourselves as we will do a bit of washing while we can. We haven't had a wash for two days and we...


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