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Effects of Drugs Abuse

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Effects of Drugs Abuse

    When I was young, I was a naughty boy. I hated school and my teacher. I had little time left for my studies. I often went out with bad guys and joined a gang in the street. Finally, my teacher complained again to my father. He was so angry. My group always crowed together to drink alcohol. One day, my friend told me to become an adult I have to use heroin. I wanted to show with my friends I was an adult person, so I tried to use it. Day after day, I felt I cannot live without it and use it regularly. Therefore, I was addicted to heroin. My parents were very disappointed with me and took me to Detoxification Center. In these days, I really realized my mistakes and was also disappointed about myself. There are three main effects of drugs abuse – changing lifestyle, harming health and increasing social illness.

    The first effect of drugs abuse is that it changes our lifestyle. To start with, when we use drugs abuse, we will need a lot of money. Therefore, we always think and find the way to earn money. We will not have time for our families and take care for them. In addition, using drugs abuse can break relationship with our families. Next, when we are addicted to drug abuse, our character will be changed. For example, we are a good children or a good father; when we are addicted to heroin, we will become a different person such as always do every thing what we want and do not care any members in our families. Finally, when we use drug abuse, we cannot control our emotion. We always feel nervous and moody. After we use it, we feel happy but a short time. Using drug abuse, it is the main causes to change our behavior.

    The second effect of drugs abuse is that it impacts our health. To begin with, when we are addicted to drug abuse, we will meet a lot of problems to your health. For example, if we use it for a long time, we will be met heart diseases or cancer event aids. In addition, using drug abuse, we cannot live without...


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