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The Social and Economic Effect of Drugs Abuse

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      Drugs can be used not only for positive but also for negative purposes. We can use drugs in health field, but some people have irresponsibly used Narkoba (drugs) or NAPZA to achieve their pleasure, not like its real function. They don’t really realize that it can be harmful for not only themselves, but also for people that remain around them, like : their families, relatives and environment. These irresponsible manners also make a negative impact for Indonesia. These impacts divided into Social and Economic sector. The social impacts are health, education, and family. The economic impacts are work productivity and tax. These aspects will correlate with life quality of individual, society and nation. Therefore, this irresponsible manner with drugs   will decrease the life quality of Indonesian.

      In the economic effect, drugs take effect in work productivity and tax for government. In the work activity, drugs effect will affect the presence level and quality of work of the drug’s victim. That effect makes degradation in work place such unpleasant and reduce the quality of service or product he/she produce and increasing the level of absence. Next, this condition will make the low competency of product or service. The low competency of product and service produced, generally can affect demand of product or service and implicate the economic growth. Talking about taxes, people are spending their hard-earned money on drugs. The money spent on drugs is less money for taxes to pay for the building of better schools, or making of better roads, money not being spent on helping a child, or even buying videocassette tapes.

      In the social effect, drugs take affect in family, education and health. The effect of drugs abuse mainly affect the family harmonization. This is because children who using drugs will have low emotion quality than the one not using drugs. Drugs victim also tend to mendacious   if there...


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