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The Little Coconut

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Early one morning on a tiny island in the South Pacific, a coconut hung   sadly from his palm tree.   All he wanted was to see the world.   The tree kept telling him that he could see everything from his perch on the treetop. He could see the ships and more than 300 tropical islands, scattered across the clear blue waters.

But Coconut wanted to go to the other islands to roll down the mountains   and splash in the rushing rivers.   He knew that the exotic animals lived deep in the island rainforests.   His friends told him stories of the volcanoes in the center of some of the islands.

He felt trapped on his small island.   The coral gardens called out to him, "Jump in and swim with the beautiful fish!"   Coconut always answered the coral. "I'm coming. I'm working out a plan." And for days, coconut worked on a plan to escape the tree and explore the world of the Fiji Islands.

People rarely visited his little island.   But finally, one day, a little girl named Sam was snorkeling nearby. She and her family had a picnic lunch on the white sandy beach near Coconut's tree.   "Oh, mommy! I want a coconut!"

Coconut realized that this was his chance.   He swung back and forth and back and forth until the tree let go.   He dropped down . .   . down . .   . down . .   . PLOP . .   . right into the hands of the little girl. Sam was delighted. I will take him with me everywhere!

The family took coconut back to their hut in a small rustic village.   Sam took Coconut with her everywhere.   She dressed him up like a doll but that didn't matter to Coconut. They explored everywhere.   At night time, they walked along the candle lit path in the village.   Sam and the family went on a cruise in a glass bottom boat. Coconut had never seen so many rare and exotic fish. Later, they went to the market place where the villagers cooked all kinds of delicious food.

The family took Sam and Coconut to Treasure Island.   They watched   the sun rise and listened to the waves crash against the...


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