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Little Girl

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One day while a new born baby was being well born a little girl, age 7, had a heart a tack at the park. Two years from then, that little girl is… ME! I am healthy now I was fat and all but now I am a totally different girl.

MAM… where is my shoes I am going to be late for school… AGAIN! Shouted my horrible step sister. Em… did you check the bathroom? Its me again the heart a tack little girl. I just thought I’d tell use that this house has change since the last issue you know Max? yeah well him and my Mam got married so its a little crazy now in a 3 bedroom house with 5 kids and two adults and also I am 11 now too. With a 11 year old step brother and a 15 year old step sister and a little sister she’s 3 and don’t forget my new Mam, my Dad said just give her a chance so I kind of have to for him but don’t forget I do have an evil older brother who never said anything to my Dad so he can do all the dirty work… well I say use want to get back to the story. Oh before I let use go back to the story I better remind you all my family’s name’s so there’s my Dad, Max, my step Mam, Nora, there’s my brother, Derek, my step sister, Britney she is such a drama Queen, then there’s my step brother Reece his alright I suppose, and then there is my other step sister Nelly and then there is Me, Rikki1! Well let use get back to it now. No ill go check it now… ahh, shouted Britney. What is it now Britney? Mam, Mam there’s a mouse or-or a rat or something! Someone kill it! No don’t kill him. I said. His my pet rat, Toughie. You have a pet rat you are such a looser, said stupid Britney. Yeah! Well you have an ugly jerk boyfriend’. yeah well that is so different. How? Ah because he is a person NOT a rat you weirdo! hey I see my rat as a person! Yeah well no one else does, ah our little brother does! Uh that’s because he is such a looser, ha-ha just like you’ ha-ha. Ha your just so funny NOT ha-ha.


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