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Little Fearles

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Fearless. This wasn’t her real name but a nick name that everyone knew her by. She was a brave little girl that wasn’t afraid of anything. Little Fearless was given the nick name in a place called the Institute. It was an old scary building that kept girls who were misbehaving or troublemakers. The girls were kept as slaves and had to do hard work all the time and had very little freedom to do the things they wanted. They were treated poorly, given little food and given no luxuries like televisions.
The people outside the Institute lived normal lives not knowing the terrible things the girls had to go through. They thought the institute was a school to help improve bad girls and make them into nice girls. The outside people called it the City community faith school.
Little Fearless was put in the institute two weeks ago. It all started on one cold winter night. Little Fearless was watching here favourite show on the television and heard her mum crying in her room. She was always sad and never happy. Little Fearless turned back to the television and saw a commercial of the beautiful Sunland’s. She closed her eyes imagining being on the warm sand with her mum watching the waves crash on the edge of the sand bank. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was late at night, who would that be Little Fearless thought. She turned around and saw her mum. Her nose and eyes were red from crying. She lifted up Little Fearless and kissed her on the cheek and said she had some gifts for her. She got a bag and took out three things, a picture of Little Fearless’s grandmother and grandfather in a beautifully decorated gold frame, an old silver watch that belonged to her father and a golden love heart inside it had a picture of her mum on her wedding day.
Then again there was a knock on the door even louder than the first. Her mum left the room and opened the door. She heard a scream and shouting, then a man rushed in and...


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