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Ahead of the Stars Influence

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Sitaaron se Aagey (Ahead of the Stars) is one of the most famous poems of Pakistan's national poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal. This Urdu poem talks about how the earth is not the only place for us to live in. Iqbal mentions that there is a whole world beyond the stars of the sky, and we as falcons have to reach it. When I first read this poem, it gave me new hope that the world is a limitless place for me and that I just have to find my nest. 
The first time I read this poem was when I was ten years old. Back then it had no meaning to me. But the next time I heard it, I had just gotten rejected from Rice University and was feeling very disappointed. Then, I came across the verses "You are falcon, flight is your task/ Before you there are other skies as well." This verse is telling me to keep trying and never to lose hope. The famous English phrase "get back up on the horse" comes to mind with this verse. The moment I read these words, I instantly became uplifted. It was as if Destiny sent this verse as a gift to console me. 
This poem has inspired me to work harder in my life, to take flight and find the nest perfect for me. It made me realize how having the false notion of one thing being good for me is wrong. I realized beyond the stars there is a universe that is full of myriads of possibilities. And in that myriad of possibilities there is one that is just for me. I believe that my future holds the MD title for me. I just have to grab it from the hands of Destiny. 
My life has truly changed because of Iqbal's wise advice. I no longer get disappointed with negative events because I know that God has something in store for us. It is just up to each individual's hard work to achieve these things for themselves. This poem has become my guide in life. That is why I have written these verses to show Iqbal my appreciation: 

I hear Iqbal's wise and true words,
And fly off like the king of birds.

Beyond the stars I fly away,
Careful from His will not to stray. ...


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