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Beginning of a Mod Culture and Its Influence on British Society

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Beginning of a Mod culture and its influence on British society

From the beginning of research of subcultures, the biggest problem for the researches was to put it into a proper definition. Defining the culture itself was a hard work, and specifying a group of young people that seemed to deny certain social stereotypes without any precise pattern could seem impossible at first. However, the researchers work ended up with a success and there came out several parallel definitions and theories about the core of subcultures.
Until the 60’s, the subculture was identified with poverty, primitivism, ill-adjustment, inability to function in normal, “healthy” society and the whole other palette of pathologies. The term subculture, (while in Latin the prefix sub means under) was used in generalizing the social outcasts like gangsters, thieves, criminals and drug addicts or drug dealers. Although, in 60’s the American sociologists began to identify the subculture with kind of cultural, ethnical, ideological or religious minority, which diametrically changed the light put on the subcultures and partly changed the pejorative emotional load of this term. At that time, the sociologists grew more concerned about the true core of subculture, and there begun many independent studies and theories describing this phenomenon.
One of the most known theories describing the occurrence of subculture was brought in 1955 by Albert Cohen. He claimed that the fact of teenagers following the subculture movement was caused by their own insecurity about their material status. At the same time, the subculture gives their members the identification, sense of membership, acceptation and feeling of being important. [J.M. Palmisano, 2001, s. 657].
Marschall [2005, p. 350] claims that the subculture creates relationship between people who need acceptation and understand for their own separateness and difference. They may be “the form of symbolic resistance in range of social institutions,...


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