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Cultural Convergence

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Handbook of Convergence of Cultures[1]


The Convergence of Cultures is an organism that promotes the convergence of the diverse cultures coexisting in today’s world, towards a culture of nonviolence directed to the formation of a Universal Human Nation.

This text is directed to the valiant people who share this aspiration and are disposed to commit themselves to the transformation of this aspiration into reality.

We live in times where the “worldization”[2] has produced without precedent, influence among cultures as never before possible...

We are not speaking only about the fact that today people all over the world can be in contact with each other thanks to the advancements of communication technology. But rather, apart from the historical accumulation of phenomena such as colonialism and imperialism, the enormous inequality in the living conditions and of survival in different areas of the world, and the resulting massive migration, multi-culturality exists in the interior of territories that are still considered as “national states.”

In these conditions, violence augments when there is not a growing dialogue among cultures having a common project.

On the other hand, sharing a dialogue based on a common project creates conditions that allow for:

    • Sharing the progressive elements from each culture.

    • Investigating, expressing and rejecting those elements that thwart dialogue.

It is clear these reflections need to happen from “within” the sentiment of each culture among the members who compose it. It is apparent that in no way should a single culture presumptuously assume to take the central role to be judging and subjugating others. Taking this sterile path only augments an abyss of violence seen among peoples today.

Nevertheless the intention to appropriate the whole by a minority and the intolerant proposals of some leaders that take advantage of the lack of future of individuals and peoples, continues to...


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