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Cultural Convergence

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Assessment Task 1: Argumentative Essay

Name: Farhan Ahmed
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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Cultural Convergence Is Far From Reality And Differences In World Cultures Are Increasing 3
Barriers at Workplace 4
Barriers of Employment 4
Convergence and Divergence in Development 5
Effects of Multiculturalism 6
Conclusion 6
References 7


We can see traces of cultural convergence in our everyday lives such as English being established as an International language, revolution in IT and multicultural societies, differences in cultures are still strongly evident and present as pointed out by Hofstede (1991).

How many international students, studying in Monash University in Australia, will be willing to give up their cultural roots for a unified culture? How many international students feel less Bangladeshi, German or Malaysian for being part of a global workforce? The answer is, none. Even though, they might wear Adidas shoes, use Apple products and study in an English speaking university, their customs and traditions lie in their local backgrounds and culture.

The concept of multiculturalism gives scope for a conflict. Countries who often go to war, seems to know each other well in most cases such as the Israelis and Palestinians (Harries, 2003).   The paradox that both divergence and convergence are taking place side by side amongst local and regional cultures can be derived from the factors that are promoting globalization and obstacles to convergence that these drivers have broken down. Handy (2009) has discovered 4 such barriers and they are barriers of employment, Institutions, technology and workplace. All these barriers are inter-related to each other and are distinctive. Despite of influences, which is promoting convergence or pulling it the other way, the importance of cultural differences is increasing in a world full of inequalities. I believe that...


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