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DEVI (SPHOORTHI) Computer Technologies
Theory questions 100marks
  1. What is mean by pseudo code and flowchart? 10m
  2. Explain about structure of c language? 10m
  3. What is mean by keywords? Write any 10 ANSCI C keywords? 10m
  4. What is the meaning of \t, \n, \v, \0, //? 5m
  5. What is mean by variables? What is the use of variables to declare in c language? 2m
  6. Describe about data types in c language? 3m
  7. Describe about the operators in c language? 10m
  8. Write about decision statements with syntax and examples? 10m
  9. Write about looping control statements with syntax and examples? 10m
  10. Write about switch with syntax and examples? 10m
  11. Write about arrays? How many types of arrays are there? Explain with syntax? 10m
  12. Write about any 5 string standard functions? 10m
Programs write and execute 100marks
  1. Write a program to add, subtract, multiply, divide and modulus two variables using switch statements?
  2. Write a program to print Fibonacci series up to n numbers?
  3. Write a program to find out the given number is odd or even?
  4. Write a program to print n table upto 10?
  5. Write a program to print prime numbers from 1 to n?
  6. Write a program to swap two variables without using third variable?
  7. Write a program for multiplication two matrices?
  8. Write a program to convert float values into integer values using type conversion?
  9. Write a program to add two matrices?
  10. Write a program to print the largest and smallest of three numbers using conditional statements?


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