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Hello, Finland

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Hello, Finland!
I haven’t seen you for ages! How are you, my dear? Do you remember me walking along your streets, watching your beautiful architecture, blue sky and fine greenery of your wonderful lawns? As for me, I still remember those several happy days we spent together in July 2008, they were amazing.
I still recall the excitement I felt while taking that fabulous bus tour. It was the first time I travelled alone and I got so anxious about the moment we would meet. You seemed to me so mysterious and enigmatic when I was driving along your roads, watching your thick coniferous forests. Your nature seemed to be very cold and motionless, though it was rather a warm sunny summer day.
But when I first entered the Senate Square of Helsinki everything changed in a flash. You smiled at me and I realized that it was true love from the first glance. Your beautiful face was shining with hospitality as you welcomed me with an open heart and open arms. You opened the doors of your beautiful Helsinki Cathedral, inviting me to be your dearest guest. Taking me on the trip along your wonderful streets and avenues, you showed me the marvels of your everyday life. You surprised me with your fine lawns and people sitting on the grass in the centre of the city. I was amazed to see numerous bicycle parking places, because I’d never seen ones in Russia. Those hours I spent sitting on the stairs in front of the Cathedral under your sun were the happiest hours in my life.
Then I spent two more hours in the bus, driving to the wonderful city of Turku. I didn’t have any single idea about the surprise you had for me there. But what I saw was even greater than I could expect. I was struck by the beauty of a glorious Turku Cathedral, whose history counts more than 700 years. It looked very strict and old, but wise and a bit tired at the same time. I was charmed by the wonderful stories it was telling me, half true, half fairytales, and I had a fantastic opportunity to see the moments...


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