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Euthanasia 22

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Topic: Do you thing that people who are very ill have the right to choose whether to live or die ? Why ?
When I was preparing this presentation, “ lecture”, wanted make objective analysis subject such as euthanasia. It`s really hard topic, so I needed a lot of time to fix how should I start. The most important step with me, was take a word “euthanasia“ under magnifying glass and decompose into prime factors. Well… this is fruit of my little work: homicide ( murder ), reduce suffering, for somebody “help” ( I can`t stand that ), ending a life, suicide, sentence, vulnerability and more. What`s more euthanasia refers to the practice of ending a life of terminally ill person to shorten his or her ( usually extreme ) suffering.
Euthanasia is generally classified as:
  * Suicide – you take your own life without help and this is legal form in few countries.
  * Assisted suicide – someone help you, for example give pills
  * Voluntary euthanasia – They ask someone to kill them,   ex. Doctor
  * Non-voluntary euthanasia – some else make the decision, they are not ask
Euthanasia is prohibited in the hole world. It is legal only in Belgium, Nederland, Luxemburg, Albania, Japan, North Australia and in two states in United States of America. Many nations are against following any of euthanasia practice types and I do support their view. Even legal document shouldn`t give us a power to end a life in still breathing body. I have a deep sympathy for those who suffer. Yet, I believe that international killing of another human being is wrong. In my opinion taking someone`s life in any situation is immoral. It should be treated as any other homicide, murder.
We had a few statements about form and genesis of euthanasia. Mostly in this moment appears a question “ What is this euthanasia? ”. So, what is this ? For me it`s very simple; act of murder. Sometimes people, who are in favor of practicing euthanasia, pay attention only to the will of the dying person and saving...


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