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Daniel Jin               Oct.1
Maturation 101

      A form of creativity, expression and raw emotion, the arts are created to let one’s ideas and thoughts mingle with others’.   As another art medium, animation is no different.   In animation, characters are created, not just for the purpose of entertainment, but as a way to convey different human qualities that others can relate to.   Simba, from Walt Disney’s “The Lion King”, must undergo a rite of passage into adulthood, something recognizable in all humans.   Under the unfamiliar exterior of his feline appearances lie the humble beginnings, conflicts and changes that mark the life of a human being.   Though the context is different, Simba begins just like everyone else.
      Born into an unfamiliar and complicated world, he is inexperienced and naïve.     Starting off, Simba is impulsive and rash: he does not think ahead.   He rushes into dangerous situations, trying to imitate his brave, strong father, but in turn, places his own life in jeopardy on numerous occasions.   Unaware of his own limits, Simba is like a child who has not yet felt the consequences of actions.   At the beginning of his journey, Simba is also extremely dependant on others.   With no sense of self-worth, he does not acknowledge his potential to be as great as his father, but merely lives in his shadow.   Doubting his own potential, Simba is the stereotypical adolescent:   insecure and self-loathing.   Lastly, Simba is weak – not only physically, but mentally frail.   Led to believe that he is responsible for his father’s death, Simba runs away, unable to accept responsibility.   Coming hand in hand with maturation, youths often find responsibility frightening.   The journey from adolescence to maturity can be a long and thankless one.
      Along with the responsibility of growing up, Simba must endure great struggles.   To start, Simba is faced with numerous societal issues and conflicts.   With his position as king usurped by a...


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