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Disney Dolls

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In the essay "Disney's Dolls" Kathi Maio talks about all the negatives Disney movies portray.   She argues that movies like Aladdin portray racism, because the bad guy is always a different race, which I think could be a little over examined. There is another point she talks about which is the negative ways women are portrayed in the movies. Last thing is the stereotyping and historical view Disney puts in its movies.
To begin, I can see where Kathi gets the idea that some of Disney's movies like Aladdin are racist or stereotyping, because the good character looks more American and the bad guys look more of a different race; which is also the case in Lion king if you want to agree with her. I think Disney had to portray the characters this way so that little kids watching the movie could more relate to it. If it was racist more people would be complaining and actually doing something about it, but most people do not find it racist. In lion king, Simba's father is killed but not the evil character, if it was racist don't you think that they would have killed one of the evil characters?
Additionally, Kathi argues that woman are portrayed in a negative or wrong manner. I think that this is all opinionated, some people might see it that way or like most people they would see an original fairy tale with no substantial meaning behind it. I doubt a child is going to watch a Disney movie and think "Since all these girls always need a man's help then I guess I do too" they are too young and caught up in the story and fairy tale aspect to actually think the same thing Kathi does. I also don't think that a movie has such a big influence on a little girl's life compared to her family, school, life style, or school. The movies are just too small to have a meaningful effect on a child's life. Also a damsel in distress is an original fairy tale setting, does that mean other companies besides Disney portray women in a negative way? I do not believe so.
Thirdly, She...


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