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Mom Come Home

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---Today makes it a week that my mother got on the flight in Raleigh Durham Airport to fly to Kuwait and then off to Iraq she goes. The feels of missing her started to surface and the thought of her being in the midst of a unless war makes my stomach cringe. Every morning that I wait anxiously by the phone just to hear her voice and make sure she's ohkay. This isn't the first time my mother has had to leave me and handle her duties but this is the only time I really thought it. Every time she left me when I was young I missed her alot I did but I didnt notice that her life was on the line, that maybe I would never see her again. The thoughts of this are very negative but I have to realize its reality, I spend every moment I can with her and I just wish every morning I could wake up kiss her on her cheek, tell her I love her, and just embrace the fact she's there with me. Some teenagers take there parents for granted but only if they realized what it was like not being able to see your mother everyday, or being able to hug her, or even just feel her presence. I don't understand, I would do anything for my mother to not have to leave- to stay with me forever. She gave me life and I want to live it with her. But I know in my heart that she'll be home soon. I have positive thoughts that keep me from worrying about her every second of the day. But at times my mind floods with overwhelming thoughts of is she ohkay or what is she doing? I know she coming home for her little girl and im just patiently waiting and counting down the minutes until im able to feel her warmth again. She's my motivation and my strength that lets me know that I can be whatever I want to be and can succeed in anything that comes my way. I feel it is my duty to stay strong for me and my mother. If she feels i'm worried she is going to worry. The emotions that I feel never become unbearable because I know she is the strongest person I know and can handle in situation she is in. Even at times when...


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