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Sleepless City

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The color of the lights, the flying flags, the quaint bits of architecture, and the bustling people on the city street draws my attention to this picture and make me excited. The cable car on the street seems waving at me and inviting me to ride along and explore the city. A city full of live. This is a picture of city of San Francisco, A view down California street form Nob hill by Thomas Kinkade.

When I first saw this picture, I was amazed by the cheerful colors that artist used on the picture especially the colorful, bright lights and glamorous trees and buildings line along the street. This is a golden evening. The downtown is full of glitter, lights, music and people bursting with excitement over the joyous time that is upon them. The charming traditional Chinese building is the focal point of the picture. On the road, I see two pair tracks of the cable car extend down to the hill leads me to the magnificent panorama of the bay where the bridge stands.

I’ve never been to San Francisco before. But the brilliant light reflecting off the building, seagulls passing overhead, the windswept wisps of fog, and restless people and cars in the city make me want to be part of picture.   I can image myself riding on the cable car, hearing the clanging trolleys and shouts of vendors, smelling the sweet, warm fragrance of candied peanuts roasting from the sidewalk. It reminds me the trip to Shanghai last Christmas. We were on the downtown street after family gathering dinner. The vivacious lights and noise of busy city chase way my sleepiness. Around the skyscrapers and buildings, people rush in and out like waves of tides. I have to hold on to my mom’s hand so I wouldn’t get lost in the sea of people. I asked my mom why people stay later and not going home. “It is a sleepless city” Mom said.

Sleepless city – San Francisco, it shows the city and people who live in the city has strong spirit, energy, and confidence. That is the essence of a great city.


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