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Myths Are Ridiculous

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Myths Are Ridiculous

Mythology dates centuries back when people knew nothing about the world. The stories we find amusing today were people's way to explain all they could not understand. The lessons children had to know are hidden between the lines of every story and shown as the deeds of the worriors whose example they had to follow in order to be great. Today we don't need explanations about the world and mythology is used as our way to get to know the past. Science is advanced and we understand what we're surrounded by. So mythology is no longer needed in our everyday lives. Yet it exists.
Millions of nowaday miths are all over the internet and books full of stories about 21st century heroes told as truth are everywhere. Myths that are indeed ridiculous. And what makes them ridiculous is that we believe them and in fact we have no excuse to. We have the knowledge to doubt. Why don't we?
Tired of clicking the spam button I'd like to point the first nowaday mith to be those simple and pretty annoying things called chainmail. Because people do believe in them. One gets a message saying that if they don't send it to 30 people in the next week something really bad would happen. And they do rush and whether send it to everyone in the contact list or every single thing that happens is believed to be due to the 'mail curse'..And yes,it does sound stupid,but I myself know people that don't leave the house for a couple of days because they weren't able to complete the forwarding. I get these every day and ignore them..Until now , if they are to be believed , I am supposed to be burning in hell along with my cat,parents and boyfriend,who has in the mean time broken up with me. Still , I'm home in bed..But people believe those and keep sending and sending...
Or the so called 'immortality potions'? This time it was my mother's mail I got the idea from , but indeed there are people that sell potions,which are supposed to make you immortal. And some buy them..The...


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