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Aphrodite the Greek Goddess

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Aphrodite the Greek Goddess
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. Her symbol and natural gift is the girdle, which has the power to compel love. Doves, swans, and sparrows are Aphrodite’s birds. The myrtle is also her tree.   Her beautiful appearance attracts all gods and mortals. Aphrodite is selfish and arrogant of what kind of person she is. She believes she is better than all and that everyone adores and loves her. Aphrodite was known to have many affairs and relationships with different people in the Greek Mythology world. She may be gorgeous, perfect, and eternally young, but she has an interesting and rude personality.
Aphrodite’s birth parents are her mother Dione and her father Zeus the king of all gods and goddesses. Aphrodite was born into the world by being “arose from the foam of the waves in the sea that gathered around the genitals of Uranus”. (Aphrodite: fast facts) After being arose she was carried to Cyprus and Cythera her parents. When Aphrodite grew older and matured more, her father was scared that gods and mortals would fight to be married to his beautiful daughter. Zeus came up with the plan of giving his daughter an arranged marriage to the black smith god of fire Hephaestus. The god Aphrodite was about to marry is known to be the steadiest and ugliest of all gods. (Encyclopedia: Aphrodite) Hephaestus used all his skills and time to make his wife happy and spoil her with jewels and accessories. Aphrodite felt independent and was always in search for a new lover who she can escape with and leave her husband forever. (The Goddess of love and beauty) she had many children over the years, but her mostly admired child was her son Eros. He was the cupid-like god and the god of love. Aphrodite may have had an arranged marriage, but she had plans and secretive affairs that made her irresponsible and immature.
Aphrodite has many strengths and weaknesses. Her strengths come from her pleasant appearance and magnificence. Her...


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