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Fossil Fuels and the Use of Alternative Sources of Energy

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It is universally acknowledged that fossil fuels playing an significant role in different types of areas. But in the meantime,how to better use the limit fossil fuels has become an urgent problem around the world.Whereas the use of alternative source of energy (also know in some case as ‘green’energy)can replace the limition of fossil fuels.I think that it is a positive trend in use of alternative source of energy.
An ever increasing number of countries demand for fossil fuels(coal,oil and natural gas) in order to widely use in different areas.Some countries are rich in oil deposites like OPEC,whereas China is rich in coal deposite and Russia is rich in natural gas deposite,one the other hand, such as Japan and germany,are completely dependant on the import of resoureces.However,more and more countries are worried about the limition of fossil fuels will be run out one day,so they hunting for energy everywhere.Even in some countries want to get more energy,posing the world unpeaceful,launch a war to occupy other country’s territory where is in rich of fossil fuels deposite.For another,fossil fuels would discharge harmful gas which pollute our environment and threat to people’s health.Therefore,the best way to solve this tough problem is the use of alternative sourse of energy.
  The only way , turn to other sources to get energy supply,is such as wind and solar power.In Holland,people built amount of windwill on the hill,denpend on wind power to put energy aside to produce efficially and environmental friendly.Others,in some countries,people use solar panel to store energy to make sure that they have adeuate electricity to support their domantic living.Thus,using the alternative source of energy can solve the problem of the inadequate fossil fuels and make sure economic stable.The use of atlernative source of energy,simultaneously,reduces discharge pollute gas into the air,so it can keep our environment balance and healthy.
Futhermore,facing this limition of...


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