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Alternative Energy

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Benefits of Alternative Energy

“The United States is increasing renewable fuels and reducing its dependence on oil through improved energy efficiency” (“Increasing” 1).   “Investing in renewable energy technologies in one of the best ways to address the long-term challenge of global climate change” (“Increasing” 2).   It seems as though the nation is growing deeper and deeper into a global energy crisis.   Several possible energy alternatives exist, though additional funding is still required for the research and development of such sources of clean, renewable energy.   Due to the nation’s rising demands for energy, and its negative impacts on the environment, the United States federal government should substantially increase alternative energy incentives.
Such initiatives in changing our way of life take a substantial amount of time and resources; however, the benefits of renewable energy are incredible.   With today’s soaring cost of gasoline, it is hard not to notice the economic disadvantages of relying on foreign oil.   The White House recognizes that, “The more sources of energy we have, the less influence any one of tem, such as oil, has over the Unites States’ security and prosperity” (“Increasing” 1).   As the worldwide leader of fossil fuel consumption, new sources of energy must be introduced in order to sustain and maintain a steady economy in the nation.   In addition, the timeframe to make the switch is dangerously limited, as “Some experts say a crisis awaits because the world’s oil will be depleted by 2035” (Kallen 8).   Current initiatives have been insufficient, such as the nation’s “Vehicle Fuel Economy Mandate.”   This movement simply urges automobile manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency by the year 2020, while ignoring the possible crisis of a petroleum shortage.   The federal government must become aware of the limited time to take action in an increasingly dominant issue, and introduce new strategies of energy production and conservation....


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