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How does the introduction to twilight prepare the reader for the rest of the novel?

In twilight the author Stephenie Meyer prepares us for a weird, shocking, jolly and also dramatic novel. Twilight has a preface and a first chapter which is called First Sight, which are totally different from each other but they both really make you want to read on. In this essay I am going to explain the two openings and give my opinions and also mention what the openings include.

The title twilight makes you think this book is about the moon and then it gets you thinking that it could be about werewolves and vampires. This makes you think twilight is going to be a scary and gloomy book but the opening doesn’t even seem a bit scary. The front cover of the book is an apple; this is weird because the book isn’t even about an apple.

There are two opening sentences, the one in the preface and the one in the first chapter. In the first chapter it informs us that their is a girl who is being driven to the airport by her mother, she is leaving her mother and is going to go and live with her father in Forks. In the preface is about death all it tells you is that someone is experiencing death and has never really thought about it, it also says something about a hunter who is her killer.  

In the opening of twilight there are only three characters a mother, father and someone who we don’t know yet, this is in the 1st paragraph but in the preface there is the hunter and also somebody who we don’t know yet. I think the main character is the person that we don’t know yet. If you read on in the book you would find out that her real name is Isabella Swan whop likes to be called Bella. Bella is telling us the story. She says that she isn’t happy to go to Forks, she calls it a gloomy and horrible. Bella seems different to a normal person she call she dad by his first name, Charlie and she love’s the sun. We don’t get told about her mother, father and the hunter.

In First Sight...


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