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Now, when many people are in a constant pursuit of money, when material wellbeing is an end in itself of the major part of our society, when rates of life are growing day by day, when expression “wish to live - be able to spin” becomes the main vital credo, can we speak of such things as virtue, love, mercy, unselfishness?
Everyone has his own opinion in this respect. One considers that these are really obsolete ideas, that in our century of high speeds when everyone can hope only for himself and trusts only in himself, it is silly and useless to be merciful or disinterested.
People who do not feel pleasure, helping one’s neighbour, in my opinion, are simple egoists. And there are a lot of such people. Their quantity grows every day. These people do not love anybody, except themselves. Certainly, in material sense it is absolutely unprofitable to be charitable and our life dictates its severe laws - laws of jungle. But maybe it is time to think?
It is time! And it is necessary to start with ourselves first. Certainly, love, mercy, unselfishness are - on a global scale - beautiful words. But look at the way you behave, people around, your friends and relatives. Possibly, everyone knows such people who will always give a helping hand, without demanding for it any gratitude, people who bears no malice against anybody.
In my opinion, now all people are so busy with their problems that day by day they become more and more closed. They push all feelings and experiences deep into themselves. The elementary protective reactions of each person - to answer back or to become reserved, escape from a reality. Poker-faced people around, absent looks, silence – this is a protective reaction. The essence of the person is not to be changed. And to do it is not necessary.
We are people, not animals because we can cry, laugh, love, hate, suffer and be happy, we can be merciful and disinterested. Keeping these qualities, we remain...


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