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Mcdonald Company

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Title: McDonald Company


Section 1 - How McDonald put value on itself
1.1. Value for customers
1.2. Resources and Capability
1.3. Core Competences
1.4. Does resources allows competitive advantages
1.5. Organization structure and culture
1.6. SWOT and PESTEL
Section 2 - Jim Cantalupo’s strategy
2.1 What was his strategy and why introduce them?
2.2 Porter 5 Forces
Section 3 - What has change and has not after Jim Cantalupo
3.1 Problems and Solutions using Jim Cantalupo’s strategy
3.2 Problems that have no solution yet and What they should do or should had done
3.3 Strategic Management Theories



This report aims to state everything you need to know about McDonald. The information obtained in this report is through interviews, observation and research.

Section 1 - How McDonald put value on itself

1.1 Value for customers

McDonald create value for the customer by giving customer good quality and low price food, which is important as it is one of the main reason why customers would purchase McDonald’s food, if not than customers would go to the competitor.  

By providing good customer services, helps contribute in creating value for customers because it makes them fell more welcome hence due to this fact, it can build customer loyalty which motivates them to continue to buy Mc Donald’s products.

By making the place safe and clean, it creates value for customers by making the place feel more welcome by creating a good impression for McDonald to the customer for it being safe and clean. And most importantly, McDonald makes sure that customers felt that their spending was wise as they get what they paid for.

1.2. Resources and Capability

The resources that McDonald used are the 6’s M which is money, market, machinery, make-up, manpower and materials. Money is a important resources because it helps keep the company running by paying salary or the company’s bills as well as used...


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