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A Simple Solution

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A Simple Solution
Many people complain about exercise being boring or painful. The simple answer to those excuses is different exercise activities to find one that is enjoyable. Exercise does so many great things for the body that one may not be aware of. Society says that one must exercise to fulfill a healthy life. What society does not explain is why exercising is so important for maintaining a healthy life. Exercise is important for relieving stress, managing and maintaining a healthy weight, and treating or preventing life-threatening conditions.
First, exercise is an extremely effective stress reliever. Life can be frustrating and certain situations may build up feelings of anger and anxiety. Exercises like boxing, martial arts or weight training are best for releasing negative emotions. Stress is known to cause common illness. On the other hand, the common illness causes stress. Examples of physical stress would be pain or fatigue. Exercise can also save you a great deal of stress in the short run by strengthening your immunity to colds, the flu and other minor illnesses and in the long run, by helping you stay healthier longer, and enjoying life more because of it. Exercise releases chemicals into your blood stream called endorphins. During exercising endorphins are released in the blood stream causing what is known to be called the “runners high,” which simply means one who exercises on a regular basis, particularly running, gets a euphoric feeling. This reduces feelings of depression or loneliness which are forms of emotional stress. Exercising regularly can improve sleep, which is often disrupted by stress and anxiety. It increases one's self-confidence, thus lowering one’s level of stress and allowing power to control one’s body.
Secondly, exercising maintains and manages one's weight by controlling the metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which one’s body combines nutrients with oxygen to produce energy the body needs in order to maintain...


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