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Great Expectations 7

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          “Great Expectations” one of the world’s most famous novels written by Charles Dickens in 1860.The novel was written about a little boy known as Pip who grew to benefit from his actions when he was a child. Charles Dickens was a social reformer and therefore included the society and many of its failings in this novel. Dickens increased his popularity by this novel which caught many readers attention.. He added Pip introduced pip in this novel as an n extremely vulnerable.Though Dickens had the plot and structure of Great Expectations already planned, he was able to listen to the criticism and comments of his readers each week over the nine-month period (like a TV season) and to make adjustments to the novel accordingly. Much like current humorous writers do today, Dickens paid very close attention to the criticism that his work garnered each week. In many ways, the novel was always changing form. Dickens was able to create about two-chapter each week, full of cliff-hangers and nail-biting action, while remaining true to the novel’s overall storyline. His stories worked well in pieces and as a whole. That’s not easy to do .He also enriches this novel with tension creating and sympathy boy who had to overcome his conscience. Dickens also interest the readers through his clever creating of characters, for example, Mrs. Joe as a strict lady didn’t tolerate any nonsense and she’s always punishing pip which also makes as feel sympathetic for Pip. Dickens in his novel showed how high mortality rate was at his time with how medical care was very expensive and not very good by the death of Pip’s parent and five brothers at early age.
This novel firstly introduces Phillip Pirip also known as Pip, an 8year old who dickens used as the main character of the novel. Dickens makes us fell sympathetic for pip because of the use of first person, as if pip is talking directly to the reader. We also feel sorry for him when he is described as a “small...


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