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Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations Essay
In the story Great Expectations by Charles Dickens many events happen over the three stages of Pip’s life. In the story over the three stage that span from a young age of about seven in Pip’s life to about twenty-five or thirty, Pip is put through some very complicated and troublesome times involving love to financial problems. The life of Pip the main character whose real name is Phillip Pirip has quite a few ups and downs that shaped the future life of Pip.
In the first stage of Great Expectations that describes the beginning of Pip’s life takes place in a small town where Pip was born. The story first starts out when Pip meets a convict in a graveyard which Pip brings food to later in the story. Then on Christmas Pip’s dinner is interrupted by soldiers who ask Pip’s sister’s husband, Joe to repair some handcuffs. Next Pip and Joe go out into the marshes with the soldiers to find two convicts one of which Pip fed. Later Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s house where Pip plays with a girl named Estella. Later in the story Pip goes back to Miss Havisham’s and fights a pale young gentlemen and kisses Estella. The next time Pip visits Miss Havisham he is given 25 guineas and is told by her that he won’t being coming back to play again. The next thing that happens in stage one is that Mr. Jaggars a lawyer comes to see Pip and tells Pip and Joe that Pip is to go live in London to become a gentlemen, but he cannot ever change his name or try to find out who his benefactor is.
In stage two Pip is a much older person and is about 18 when he first arrives in London for the first time. After Pip comes to London, he goes to his new home and finds out that his roommate Herbert Pocket is the pale young gentlemen from Miss Havisham’s house. After getting acquainted with Herbert, Pip is told the story about what happened to Miss Havisham and how her husband to be hurt her. Later Pip goes to school and meets Herbert’s dad and Pip’s teacher Matthew Pocket...


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