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Great Expectations Eassay

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“Look’ee Pip, I’m your second father. You’re my son,” (P264)
Argue the case that, for you, of all relationships in ‘Great Expectations’ this one, between Pip and Magwitch, is the most important.

‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens shows a unique variety of character relationships. This essay will portray three different relationships, paying special attention to the qualities that each of them show. Dickens wrote about three types of character relationships: loyal friends, betraying friends, and loving relatives. 
Magwitch and Pip have a very prominent and important relationship in this novel. It is unexpected and mysterious. Magwitch and Pip’s relationship grows through out the book and in the end they become loyal friends. Magwitch goes from being a terrifying convict to a tragic hero; but with the arrival of Magwitch comes the downfall of Pip’s great expectations “Yes, Pip, dear boy, I've made a gentleman on you…I’ve put away money, only for you to spend.”   Magwitch says this the night he went to visit Pip, and he reveals that he is Pip’s benefactor. Pip is not too fond of the fact the Magwitch helped him the way he did, by providing Pip’s income and becoming his benefactor as he is a gentleman in training. This is because in the 1810’s , in the time the novel was written, this would have be see as a shocking and appalling thing to happen since Pip, a gentleman, has a convict as his benefactor, but this is only done as a sign of gratitude from Magwitch seeing as Pips helped Magwitch when he was escaping from prison. I think the importance of this relationship has a lot of impact on the story because if it were not for Magwitch; Pip would not be becoming a gentleman. Even though Magwitch is not in the story through out he has been helping Pip in his journey to fulfil his great expectations and this relationship is so vital in the story because if Pip and Magwitch had not made an acquaintance Pip would not have had the opportunity of becoming a gentleman....


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