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Personal Statement: Life Is a Pilgrimage

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I am an outgoing individual and believe in intellectual advancement; my tight knit family has given me foundation of my individual characteristics.   My family and I are not originally from The United State, the land of opportunities, we are immigrants from China. As I grow up in the United State, I have listened to many anecdotes from my parents unfolding their humble beginnings when they first stepped foot on this land of opportunity; struggling to support the family without an education, illiterate in English.
I believe that life is a pilgrimage filled with challenges, which give us the opportunity to new beginnings and hopes; Challenges from daily life, school, and the society it is those challenges that created the person who we are. By facing those challenges we are building our moral and ethical foundation, every time we face new challenges our minds are working constantly which help us to improve the mistake we had made. After years of overcoming the challenges that I have had faced, it has left me a profound life quote “If you always do what you have always done, than you will always get what you have always gotten”. This quote has motivated me to take action to enroll in a Civil Engineering program at San Francisco State University.
My academic goals would be to successfully complete all the required classes and obtain my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering as a Structural Engineer; however there are many goals and barriers that needed to be achieved or conquered before my ultimate goal is reached, goals such as learning how to study efficiently, and learning how to write professional level papers. As an Engineer one has to be an expert on the material that we are studying in order to prevent disaster by learning more efficiently I hope to avoid fatal failures.   While in the process of improving my learning ability, I am also expecting to master my writing ability. It is to my understanding and belief that writing can expand the mind and allow...


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