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Personal Statement

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Personal statement
Yanan Li

I have taken a lot of time to think about my goals and my future before I start my collage life. I’m aiming to become a senior manager in a multi-national company. Thus, I have to master a wide range of knowledge, including but not limited to management, finance, and accounting. I have undertaken and complete my general degree in Oxford Brookes University for Accounting and Finance; undoubtedly this will be beneficial and helpful on my path of becoming a senior manager. I chose management pathway instead of accounting pathway because I know the importance of focusing on management for me. Due to the great passion and interest in management course, I decided to give more effort and more focus on business management in my further education.

During the completion of my general degree, I discover that I am always full of enthusiasm about business and management, at the same time; I always have good results on those courses that are related to business and management.

I am very interested in International Business and management, since I have already known the importance of internationalization, together with continuous technology improvements, has brought unprecedented flow and revolution of goods, services and capital across nation boundaries. World trade is becoming more and more significant for the improvement of the whole world. Under this global situation, companies must operate internationally. Thus, it is significant to have a good understanding on how multinational companies should be managed and controlled.

The theory of Marketing thoroughly interests me. And specifically the international aspect of Marketing, such as how firms cater for the needs of customers in different contexts and countries. I am also attracted to the study of how ideas develop into businesses, and therefore look forward to developing my knowledge of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise. Masters courses will deliver a thorough knowledge of essentials...


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